Row The Boat

Row The Boat” is the philosophy and culture at Western Michigan University's (WMU) football program.

The goal is to get everyone involved with Medina Hockey (fans, parents, players, coaches) to buy in to our goals and beliefs. It’s a way for everyone involved with the club, or who interacts with the club, to come together for one common goal - success!

Row The Boat is a never give up manta. If we’re winning, losing, happy or angry if we think to ourselves and tell each other Row The Boat, we can get through anything. We have to work together to accomplish our goal. Everyone has a role, everyone involved with the team is important to our success.

It doesn’t just apply to hockey. Row The Boat is something you can take with you when you graduate and apply it to your education, career, family, or anything you’re interested in.

Row The Boat has 3 parts:


Oars are the energy to move the boat, the work we put in. It’s the energy you bring to life,the team, the rink, practice and games.


The boat is the sacrifice that I, you and we put in or are willing to put in for the team. What are you willing to give up for something you never had?


The compass is your direction. Where are you set to go? Who’s leading you? Who’s following you? Where is your compass pointing?

"The boat is set in a direction and we’re rowing. We can’t see the future but we can see our past. Our past is the program. It's the people. That's what we're looking at and we’re learning as we go. We don’t know if there's a waterfall ahead of us, rocks, smooth seas or sunsets. We have no idea. We just have to keeping rowing." - P.J. Fleck

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