Learn in practice, respond in games
Practice is the best time to make mistakes, do not get frustrated, correct your mistakes so you will be fine tuned for games. If you attempt to play beyond your means wins will be sparse.

Play each shift as if it's your last
Working harder than the opposition can make up for many shortcomings. You cannot control the calls the officials make or the bounces of the puck but you can always control the amount of effort you exert while playing.

Be ready at the drop of the puck
Every player needs different amounts of time to physically and mentally prepare for games. Respect each other's process.

Family Mentality
Medina Hockey represents more than a team, we are a Family. Your teammates are more than teammates, they are your brothers.

Respect ever opponent
Play every game like it's a State Championship game. No matter who the opponent may be, we must approach every game with the same mentality. Underestimate no one.

Locker room mentality
The objective of the dressing room is to get ready for the game, both physically and mentally. Prior to game time all thoughts and remarks should be concerned on focusing on the task at hand.

Place the team above yourself
Playing your position and staying within the guidelines of the systems we exploit will result in both you and the team achieving success. Do not yell at your teammates for making mistakes, instead offer constructive criticism.

Representing Medina Hockey
Understand that all of your actions reflect the culture of Medina Hockey. This includes behavior on the ice, at the rink, at team functions, at school, etc.